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FAQ: Acting & Theatre

[Over the years many questions have been directed at Kevin M Reese via email, workshops, and  personal conversations. 
We decided to post some of them-- with his responses-- here.]

The Actor's FAQ

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 About the author of this page:

KEVIN M REESE has been working professionally (meaning:  he's been getting paid to do it) in the theatre for the last 21 years.  He is or has been a Playwright, Song Writer, Actor, Singer, Director, Producer, Music Director, Tech Director, PR Director, Tour Manager, Theatre Owner-- actually, the only thing he has never professed to be is a dancer (even though he HAS been paid to do that, too!).

Kevin brings his unique point-of-view to his answers to questions many actors have about "the business."  Since he doesn't know you, didn't date your mom, doesn't pal around with your dad, he can give you straight-forward answers without beating around the bush.  And since he's happy with his life, he won't take out his frustrations on you-- like some frustrated actor-wannabes out there in a position to guide beginning actors. 

OK, now, first acting lesson:  BE A RAINDROP . . . .


Q:  I am a high school student.  I'm getting a lot of parts in my school plays and I think I want to be a professional actor.  What should I do?
A:  Forget this nonsense and study computers, auto repair, or P.E. -- anything that will let you live a REAL LIFE!  This is probably the number one question I am asked in workshops.  To most people, the life of an actor seems very romantic, exciting, rewarding, challenging, fulfilling, fun.   But to an actor-- now, don't get me wrong, it can be all those things-- it is usually also a life full of frustration, sometimes-demeaning treatment, poverty, long periods of no work, constant rejection, constant moving, long work hours, and being away from your family.  This really sounds depressing doesn't it?  Why on earth would anyone choose to be an actor??  The best answer you can have to that questions is:  "I can't do anything else."  No so much that you don't have the skills to do anything else, but that nothing else makes you as happy as acting.  Nothing else gives you a chance to express your life.   Nothing else satisfies your hunger for acceptance, expression, teaching, self-actualization, and fulfillment.  In other words-- no matter what anybody says or thinks, you're an actor because you are an actor.  Now, whether you'll be a WORKING actor or not-- well, that's another story all together. . . .

Q:  What's the difference between "Theatre" -- ER, and "Theater" -- RE?
A:  The difference is that they're spelled differently, you silly goose! Actually, there really isn't any difference because they're pretty interchangeable. One looks more fancy and artistic, the other looks more practical and common. Personally, I usually distinguish the two as THEATRE (RE) referring to the discipline-- theatre in general, and THEATER (ER) referring to a building. I go to the theater to see theatre.


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