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Browse our pages and you'll see why our shows have been seen by over 2 million kids all over the world. We care about kids' entertainment. We do whatever we can to help YOU provide fun, quality entertainment for kids and their families.

About Us

WE ONLY handle the plays and musicals of Kevin M Reese. He's been entertaining kids most of his adult life-- first as an actor, then director and producer, now as a Dad and a playwright.

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In an effort to fight spam, we're changing all our email addresses. Please note our new email address on our CONTACT US page.

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"Clearing the Mask"
Kevin M Reese makes his personal vocal hygiene regimen available. Based upon his popular workshop, he shares how he kept his voice ready to go during years of touring three shows a day/five days a week.


Now Showing Beneath the Upper Room

The Story of the Lord's Last Supper -- From the Viewpoint of the Women Serving Him
Imagine a powerful new Last Supper play that will be seen by thousands of Christians all over the country at the same time on Maundy Thursday. We think the play is great-- but we had no idea this would take off like it has. Check out the map showing all the performances! NOW ON EBOOK!

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Check Out: Kevin on Theatre Geeks

Theatre Geeks



Kevin sits in on the popular podcast, Theatre Geeks.
Kevin M Reese joins his ol' acting buddies, Dave Dufore, Marcia Fullmer, and John Jay Shoup for a couple sessions of their podcast, talking about writing for kids. Kevin talks about how he got started writing children's scripts and his writing process. He's in Episodes 28 and 29.

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Courtesy: Jill's Travelling Theatre, Orlando, FL

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Our Last Supper play, Beneath the Upper Room, has its own website full of helpful information and purchase links.



The Green Room

This is where you  go to find all sorts of fun stuff.  Recipes for cast parties, helpful links, photos from various productions around the world, etc.  Check it out!



Fees & Royalty

Scripts = $6.00
Royalty = $35.00
Mus Perf Pack Rental = $180.00
All Fees and Royalty Subject to Change Until Contracted

The Class room

All kinds of "how-to" instruction:  Acting, Directing, Producing for family audiences, Videotaping, Auditions, etc.  We even have FREE scenes for classroom use.



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