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The header banner on this blog is from “The Little Red Hen” performed at the Children’s Theatre of Medford (OK) circa 1999.  (L-R) Kevin Reese, Mindy Cink, Janelle Reese (my wife), and Sharon Ramsey.

When my family moved from Wichita, KS to Medford, OK, we discovered that there were no children’s theatre presentations anywhere within a 75 mile radius.  So Janelle and I decided to start our own children’s theatre company.  We did okay.  We paid the actors and designer and presented 4 shows per year for a couple years– up until she got transfered again.

About Kevin

Playwright and owner of KMR Scripts. Though it may appear to be a multimillion dollar conglomeration, KMR Scripts has a VERY small staff. I grew up in N Indiana, Mom and Dad and us 4 kids. We were upper-lower class as far as family income-- but Mom and Dad were great at not letting us know. During my high school years I thought I wanted to be a minister, but after an internship-- I decided on Theatre instead. I got a BA in Theatre at School of the Ozarks and did work on a Master of Performing Arts degree in Musical Theatre at Oklahoma City University. I left that program after 4 years, having completed all my training (reached all required proficiencies) but didn't want to do a paper. I roamed the Midwest for about 5 years working at various non-union theatres. My goal was to eventually end up in NYC, but ended up settling in Wichita, KS, working at Wichita Children's Theatre under John Boldenow and Monica Flynn. I fell in love with Children's Theatre. I joined the professional touring company in 1988, became the Tour Manager in 1989 and stayed with WCT until 1996. It was there that I wrote my first musical (Little Red Riding Hood-1993) and ended up directing, teaching, and writing for the theatre while managing the touring company. After I got married and started having kids, we wanted one of us to be at home with the kids (no day care) so I left WCT and concentrated on being a stay-at-home Dad, playwrighting and marketing my shows. It was the best decision I ever made.
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