On the Road Again

This has little to do with playwrighting or children’s theatre.  I didn’t ask KMR Scripts if it was okay for me to write about this– but I’m just going to go ahead and do it.  In a way, EVERYTHING affects my playwrighting, so….

I grew up in the shadow of a Track star.  My older brother, Jeff, was a really good runner in High School.  He won races and broke records.  His nickname was RATS (backwards for STAR). I would see him get up and go running in the mornings, I’d see him win his races at Track and Cross Country meets.  He got a scholorship to run in college.  He was right below Dad in my eyes (who, in turn, was right below God).  I listened to ever word he told me about running and training.

“Don’t smoke.”  “Don’t do drugs.” “Thee weeks to build it– 3 days to lose it.” “Fartlek.” “Attack the hill.” “You’re only hurting yourself.”

I remember getting up before school and meeting a neighborhood buddy to run 4-5 miles each morning during Jr High school.  I remember being bored on a hot (for northern Indiana) afternoon and running the 5-6 miles to our church and back, just for something to do.  I remember countless runs along countless country roads during my High School years. I was on the Cross Country squad in the Fall and I was a hurdler, high jumper, and mile/2 mile relay leg during Track season.

Then during my college years, I transformed into a casual runner.  I played a lot of racquetball, basketball, and swimming,  so I only went running when I found myself lacking in physical activity– or getting ready for a 5K or 25K road run.  I could go a month without running and jump into a 25K run.  I didn’t win– but I didn’t walk any of it and I wasn’t last.  At 6 feet- one inches, I weighed about 165 lbs.

After college, I was performing all the time and that keeps you in great shape.  I hit thirty and with that came the obligatory “spare tire” around the gut (I had gained perhaps 20 lbs since my college days– so it wasn’t THAT bad).  I couldn’t afford to join a gym, so the easiest exercise I could manage was, again, running.  Running through downtown Wichita was nothing like running the country roads of Indiana or Missouri.  It was there that I heard the words that still ring in my ears to this day.  Of all my running memories, this is the one that I remember, this is the one that made me stop running:  “Yeah, you run off that gut, fatso!”

I haven’t run since.  Until today.

Poor, poor, pitiful me.

I’m now up to 230 lbs.  High blood pressure, high cholesterol– ‘course those are mostly due to my heredity.  I tried dealing with them through execise and diet– but nothing helped but prescriptions.  I don’t do much physical activity.  I’ll play basketball or four-square with the kids– but that’s about it.  I sit at a computer all day long.

I’m experiencing the usual “blahs” that fifty year-old guys have:  chronic fatigue, chronic sleep deprivation, minor depression, lethargy, winded just by walking up stairs.  I’m a joy to be around.  Ha.

Within the last year or so, I started thinking about running again.  I have a cousin, Chris, that I remember ran during Jr high/high school years.  He was the most dedicated runner I ever met– though he wasn’t a “star.”  He ran his butt off.  Forty years later, he’s still running.  He has the same heredity as I.  I’ve even begun dreaming about running.  That tells me that I should begin running again.  So, today I did.

Every day I run, I’ll be entering a post.  Partly to motivate me to run (you’ll know if I slack off), and partly to help me get new memories stuck in my head so I can forget the one I have now.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011 6:30 am

Ran the neighborhood loop (1 mi).  I say ran– I ran/walked.  Actually, I walked/ran.  Ha.  I could feel the old feelings of muscles working, balance centering, rhythmic breathing, etc.  Afterwards, I felt the tingle in my muscles and my feet as though they were saying, “Oh, I remember this!”  The 5-10 people I passed in their yards or in cars all waved politely or said “good morning.”  I think this is a good neighborhood to start up in again.

 Cousin Chris, and Coach Sellers (my ol’ track coach) would be proud.

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Playwright and owner of KMR Scripts. Though it may appear to be a multimillion dollar conglomeration, KMR Scripts has a VERY small staff. I grew up in N Indiana, Mom and Dad and us 4 kids. We were upper-lower class as far as family income-- but Mom and Dad were great at not letting us know. During my high school years I thought I wanted to be a minister, but after an internship-- I decided on Theatre instead. I got a BA in Theatre at School of the Ozarks and did work on a Master of Performing Arts degree in Musical Theatre at Oklahoma City University. I left that program after 4 years, having completed all my training (reached all required proficiencies) but didn't want to do a paper. I roamed the Midwest for about 5 years working at various non-union theatres. My goal was to eventually end up in NYC, but ended up settling in Wichita, KS, working at Wichita Children's Theatre under John Boldenow and Monica Flynn. I fell in love with Children's Theatre. I joined the professional touring company in 1988, became the Tour Manager in 1989 and stayed with WCT until 1996. It was there that I wrote my first musical (Little Red Riding Hood-1993) and ended up directing, teaching, and writing for the theatre while managing the touring company. After I got married and started having kids, we wanted one of us to be at home with the kids (no day care) so I left WCT and concentrated on being a stay-at-home Dad, playwrighting and marketing my shows. It was the best decision I ever made.
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