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I don't profess to be an expert playwright.  I've never taken any playwrighting classes-- but I have 71 titles in my catalog that are produced by theatres all over the world.  I've only been writing children's plays and musicals for a little over 15 years.  I am, however, not afraid to talk about what I've learned or share my opinions about the subject.  Like anything else, you can find "experts" to agree or disagree with just about anything.  Keep that in mind as you read on.  I do reserve the right to be wrong. -KMR

Opinion Acting, Writing & Parenthood

How did a guy who trained to be a singing actor end up writing children's plays and musicals?

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Opinion How I Write

The procedures I use for writing my shows are based on 15 years of trial-and-error. This is what works for me based on my life experiences, my skill level, and my tools (equipment, software/hardware, etc).

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Opinion Getting Published

I guess a playwright can be happy and fulfilled just having the satisfaction of writing a play. But really, what's the point to that? YOu need the script to be produced, performed, and presented to an audience. THAT'S the real payoff for a playwright. Once you've written the show, how do you get Producers and Publishers to take over?

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Opinion DIY - Do It Yourself!

When I first started, I had no desire to hand my "babies" over to a stranger. I wanted to handle the day-to-day work of getting theatres to produce my shows. Even the smaller publishing houses were handling hundreds of plays (Samuel French has, what, ten thousand?)-- how could I expect them to devote as much time to promoting MY scripts as I could? Nobody knows my shows better than me-- and I wanted to make sure they were presented in the right light.

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Opinion On "Art"

"Art?  My Dad's Name Was Art!" 

I've met a couple playwrights in my time who had the opinion that what they wrote was "art" and under no circumstances was their vision to be altered in any way. I guess an artist who produces painting or sculpture has that attitude and it's perfectly acceptable. Perhaps what those playwrights have produced IS art, but for some reason, I don't apply that reasoning to what I write.

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Opinion Us

KMR Scripts

WE ONLY handle the plays and musicals of Kevin M Reese. He's been entertaining kids most of his adult life-- first as an actor, then director and producer, now as a Dad and a playwright.

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This is where you  go to find all sorts of fun stuff.  Recipes for cast parties, helpful links, photos from various productions around the world, etc.  Check it out!



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Whether you want to purchase a perusal (reading) copy of one of our scripts or order a Production Packet (rehearsal materials), this is where you go.  There is also a link to fill out a Performance Application.



The Class room

All kinds of "how-to" instruction:  Acting, Directing, Producing for family audiences, Videotaping, Auditions, etc.  We even have FREE scenes for classroom use.



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